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About Progress In Education (PIE)

Progress In Education (PIE) is a 501(C)(3) charitable organization incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia in August 2000 to promote education at the high school level in Ghana and the United States.

PIE raises funds and secures donations to distribute computers and lab equipment to high schools in Ghana. We also award scholarships to deserving college-bound high school students in the United States and support cultural exchanges between students from Ghana and the United States.

A formal board of directors in the United States develops strategies, sets goals, reviews and manages finances, and ensures that the organization remains in good standing in accomplishing its goals.

Today, PIE’s leadership and planning committees consist of alumni of high schools all over Ghana, as wells as non-Ghanaians who care about education in the United States and Ghana. With the help of our donors and volunteers, PIE has impacted thousands of high school students in Ghana and the United States.


Our Mission

PIE was established to bring much needed financial and educational resources to beleaguered high schools in Ghana. Over the past fifteen-plus years, our mission has expanded to include the provision of scholarship grants to deserving high school students in the cities we operate and raise funds, as well as the promotion of cross-cultural understanding between high school students in the USA and Ghana.

The resources we mobilize are used to improve the quality of education for students in underserved high schools in Ghana, facilitate effective interaction with their counterparts in the United States, and send deserving students in the United States to college.

We seek to accomplish our mission by:

  • Providing computers, library books, science lab equipment, and teaching resources to high schools in Ghana
  • Providing scholarship grants to college-bound high school students in the United States
  • Making grants for infrastructure development in high schools in Ghana
  • Sponsoring educational outreach and exchange programs for American and Ghanaian high school students and teachers

As a philanthropic organization, our charity feels that it’s important to demonstrate our core values in everything we do. Our five core values have been PIE’s motivation to help improve educational quality for the students and communities we serve:

  • Excellence: Donating equipment, other resources and services that add value.
  • Integrity: Living up to our promises, commitments and responsibilities.
  • Respect: Working to understand and accommodate the needs of our beneficiaries, sponsors, and other partners.
  • Teamwork: Working together to achieve our shared goals.
  • Ownership: Assuming personal responsibility to achieve PIE’s mission, and to ensure the satisfaction of our beneficiaries, partners and sponsors.

Our Financials